Why Was Alex Morgan’s Husband Servando Carrasco Wearing A Sports Bra


Servando Carrasco sports bra

My boss sent me this photo of┬áServando Carrasco, Alex Morgan’s husband, playing in a match Sunday and noticed that Carrasco was wearing a sports bra. My boss likes to think of himself as a pretty big soccer nerd. I think he even has New York FC season tickets. If anyone would know what’s going on here, it would be Bryant. The guy knows soccer.

So I throw this photo on Twitter and the Twitter experts start telling me that Servando Carrasco is wearing a heart monitor. That’s news to me. I can’t find anything on Google or Twitter Search about this.

That a heart monitor you fool https://t.co/IaZPrMcLkw

— Patr├│n (@Adegucci) May 16, 2016

They use this because the piece has technology that tracks information for the medical/physio staff.

— Matheus R. Ribeiro (@_ribeirom) May 16, 2016

Oh, so the team is tracking Servando’s vitals via a sports bra? Killer technology, soccer nerds.

@bustedcoverage new tracking technology. Monitors vitals during game for analysis later

— Roy White III (@RDubThree) May 16, 2016

How about wearing a strap that doesn’t look like a sports bra? Would that be too hard? Gatorade told me about these wristbands athletes can wear that tracks how much they sweat and how much fluid they need to put back in their bodies.

You can’t tell me there’s not another way to track the heart. Has to be.

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