L.A. Galaxy’s Giovani dos Santos Snaps MLS Fine Photo…Looks Like MLS Dropped The Hammer Here

Giovani dos Santos MLS Fine Snapchat

How am I supposed to take the MLS serious when the league fines players $250 for touching a ref during a match, “escalating confrontation” when the guy they fined is making $27 million over 4.5 years? I get it, there’s a collective bargaining agreement that sets fines and some MLS players don’t make squat in salary.

Meanwhile, a year ago, the Galaxy paid a $7 million transfer fee to negotiate with dos Santos. We’re talking about a $34M investment by the Galaxy being fined $250. I need my soccer leagues to have real fines. Renegotiate that CBA right now. There should be a different scale for these guys who make over a million. This dos Santos guy (@OficialGio) has 2.67 million Twitter followers & a million over on IG. He doesn’t have time for these ticky-tack fines.

The MLS won’t even reveal the fine to the media outlets because it would look so bad on a ticker. You drop a $50k fine on an ESPN ticker and you make headlines. By the way, thanks to dos Santos for Snapping this fine. I love seeing these kind of things leagues don’t want out there.

First…the crime by Giovani dos Santos in a game against Kansas City:

Now the hammer dropping via the MLS commissioner’s office…BOOOOOOM

Giovani dos Santos MLS Fine Snapchat 2

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