Antonio Cromartie’s Wife Gives Birth to Twins

Back in January, we told you guys that Antonio Cromartie’s sperm defeated a vasectomy to impregnate his wife, Terricka, with twins. It was an unprecedented feat, but something we probably should’ve seen coming considering he already had 10 kids at the time.

And now, that total has risen to 12 (with eight women) as Terricka gave birth to Jynx Revell-Antonio Cromartie and J’adore Nayvi Cromartie on Mother’s Day. The couple now has four children together.
The report from Us Weekly:

“It was the most amazing, yet rewarding gift to give birth on Mother’s Day. This is a storybook fairy-tale for Antonio and I,” Terricka tells Us exclusively. Adds Antonio, who delivered his son (in custom Stork Delivery Company scrubs, natch): “It was an adrenaline rush — the most amazing feeling to actually bring my son into this world and to hand him over to my beautiful wife.”

The NY Post reported in January that Cromartie paid approximately $336,000 in child support for his 10 kids — a painful figure that will definitely rise now with two more in the mix.
Cromartie is currently an unsigned free agent, and we’re hoping some team can hook the guy up with a job before training camp gets rolling.
Sidenote: Terricka noted in February that she plans on getting her tubes tied post-birth.

Cro pre-twins:

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