College Football Recruit Commits To Clemson While Chopping Down A Tree In Jorts

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 10.46.59 AM

Over the past couple years these college commitment videos have gotten way out of hand. Top recruits all over the country are trying to one up each other with the most outrageous videos just to announce what school they are going to play football at.┬áSeriously just google “commitment videos” and you’ll have a long list to look at. Things like skydiving, music videos, and plane banners are just a few off the top of my head.

That’s why this commitment video is the best. Just a simple 15 second video of our boy Logan Rudolph chopping down a tree in some jorts with “Danger Zone” playing in the background. Nothing fancy, nothing flashy.

He probably went and flipped some tires afterwards.

By the way, looks like Clemson got themselves another stud.

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