LFL Flame Thrower Chris Michaelson Is Back & He's Pissed Off

Got an email this morning from the LFL office titled “The Wrath of Michaelson.” Of course I’m opening that email because I know it’s going to be Seattle Mist head coach¬†Chris Michaelson flame throwing f-bombs and berating on of his female football players.
Annnnndddd…then I hear bleeps. WTF is this, LFL? What happened to the f-bomb tirade videos that I used to love and post all the time for you guys? This is the LFL…if I wanted bleeps I’d watch NFL Films. This guy is one of the best f-bombing coaches in sports history and I don’t get to actually hear the bombs. I want to hear Chris destroy¬†Jessica Hopkins for her efforts.
Clean it up, LFL. Legit f-bomb videos or we’ll have to get a divorce.

In other news, Seattle won this game 20-12 and LFL fans are complaining on YouTube that they can’t watch the whole game. The LFL better get its shit together.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7UDWy5p6raA]

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