Tiger Woods Mistress & The Derby, Connor Cook's D-Bag Dad & JoePa Knew?

It’s going to be warm, the sun will be out and the Nats are in Chicago for a Friday afternoon game at 2 on MLB. That becomes a must-watch for those of you who leave work early today to get Derby weekend rolling. You’ll also get Cavs-Hawks at 7 on ESPN. Let’s see if the Hawks hurt anyone like Barkley recommended.
Sofia Vergara’s massive….wedding ring
There’s a Tiger Woods mistress twist to this year’s Derby
Kate Upton takes her engagement ring & dog for a stroll
Joe Pa knew in 1976? What a scumbag
Connor Cook’s dad seems like a nice guy, not angry at all
#BBN fans really, really love Devin Booker
Florida: This guy stole shirt & shoes for job interview
Meet Sammy from SDSU

Jump It Up Push-Off NBA Vine of the Day

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Sandwich of the Day

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Colin Cowherd's New House, Ride The #BoobLuge & Zeke Elliott's Wonderlic
Colin Cowherd's New House, Ride The #BoobLuge & Zeke Elliott's Wonderlic
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