Colin Cowherd’s New House, Ride The #BoobLuge & Zeke Elliott’s Wonderlic

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Of course I’ll be keeping an eye on the Stars-Blues game to see who’s sitting behind the benches. That’s at 8 on NBCSN. ESPN gets Heat-Raptors and they’ll be on their knees rooting for Miami. You’ll also get a day game on MLB with the Best Fans In Baseball. First pitch is 1:30.

Take a ride on the #BoobLuge

Jessica Alba’s new movie looks pretty damn good

Charles Barkley-Charles Oakley Beef!

Cowherd recently bought this place for $3.7M

Zeke Elliott’s Wonderlic score

Sad Sam Bradford PA vanity plate

Florida: Female lawyer accused of sex, drugs w/clients

Meet Perry from Arizona

Chuck Keepin’ It Real Like It’s The ’80s Video of the Day

Barkley thinks Hawks should take someone out. Wow!

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) May 5, 2016

Sandwich of the Day