Buy This Houston Texans Tailgate Bus — 1K (Reserve Hasn’t Been Met)

Texans tailgate party bus

Winning the NFL offseason obviously isn’t an indicator of future success (ask the Dolphins), but if you’re a Texans fan, you’re pretty damn pumped for the 2016 season to get rolling.

Brian Hoyer has been replaced by Brock Osweiler, Lamar Miller’s taking over for Arian Foster, and the team’s draft is grading pretty well with “the experts.” Now all you need to do is get your tailgate ride on the road for potential back-to-back AFC South titles.

And there’s no better option you’ll find than the 2001 Eldorado Texans bus above. The owner absolutely gutted it and turned it into a Texans fan’s paradise.

Details from the seller:

I have only put approximately 1100 miles on it since purchased. Driven from Storage to pick up of friends and to the stadium. Drives great on Interstate 610 and turns awesome in the tailgating lot. Has outside electrical outlets at all four corners of the bus. Trailer hitch to pull cooker or grill and a full toilet with holding tanks and fresh water tank for sink and toilet. Even the mirror in the restroom is made from high polished steel so you don’t have to worry about any angry fans breaking it. It has a designated space for full size keg that runs on CO2 with an external tap illustrated in the pictures.

Oh, and you’re also getting three TVs, directional satellite fish, AC/heater, etc., etc. — basically, this thing is a beast. The auction currently stands at $1,000 with six days remaining.

A look around

Stainless steal countertops so it’s easy to clean up after your friends:


A very Texans welcome:


Nice seating area:


Two of the three TVs:


Some more exterior shots: