Giant Antlers Behind Home Plate At Marlins Game

Boobs behind home plate Marlins game

Who is the woman at the Marlins game with giant boobs sitting behind home plate? That’s the big mystery tonight as the Diamondbacks and Marlins play at Marlins Park. We’re starting to get reports from our Florida readers that there might be a situation.

It looks like that rack is of the bolted on variety. Something tells me that woman might’ve appeared in a movie or three. Let me know if you’ve see her and the friend posting pics on Snap. Hit us up. or @bustedcoverage

@bustedcoverage Marlins game part two

— David Lipman (@DMLipman) May 4, 2016

Update: We found at least one of the Marlins Antlers (thx @legsanity)

Marlins behind home plate

Marlins Antlers



Another shot to aid in the investigation:

Marlins Boobs


@DavidDwork I'm trying to watch the Marlins game but all I keep seeing is two basketballs behind home plate.

— Mike Thomsen (@mj1987us26) May 5, 2016