NFL Draft Order 2016: Rounds 4-7 & Must-Know Information

In the rounds 4-7, this is where the sleeper picks are. There are still some good players who may fall to these rounds due to character issues, but these players tend to take a couple years to develop. It may not be too exciting at the time to see who your team selects in these rounds, but there could be a potential star selected late. And of course, there is the last pick in the draft which belongs to the Denver Broncos. That is the special Mr. Irrelevant pick. Here’s a list of the order of selections in rounds 4-7.

Round 4

99. Cleveland Browns
100. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia Eagles through Tennessee Titans)
101. Dallas Cowboys
102. San Diego Chargers
103. Jacksonville Jaguars
104. Baltimore Ravens
105. San Francisco 49ers
106. Chicago Bears
107. Miami Dolphins
108. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
109. New York Giants
110. Los Angeles Rams
111. Detroit Lions
112. New Orleans Saints
113. Los Angeles Rams (from Tennessee Titans through Philadelphia Eagles)
114. Oakland Raiders
115. Atlanta Falcons
116. Indianapolis Colts
117. Buffalo Bills
118. New York Jets
119. Houston Texans
120. Washington Redskins
121. Minnesota Vikings
122. Cincinnati Bengals
123. Pittsburgh Steelers
124. Seattle Seahawks
125. Green Bay Packers
126. Kansas City Chiefs
127. Chicago Bears (from New England Patriots)
128. Arizona Cardinals
129. Carolina Panthers
130. Baltimore Ravens (from Denver Broncos)
131. Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection)
132. Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Selection)
133. San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
134. Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Selection)
135. Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
136. Denver Broncos (Compensatory Selection)
137. Green Bay Packers (Compensatory Selection)
138. Cleveland Browns (Compensatory Selection)
139. Buffalo Bills (Compensatory Selection)

Round 5

140. Tennessee Titans
141. Cleveland Browns
142. San Francisco 49ers (from San Diego Chargers)
143. Oakland Raiders (from Dallas Cowboys)
144. Denver Broncos (from Baltimore Ravens)
145. San Francisco 49ers
146. Jacksonville Jaguars
147. Miami Dolphins
148. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
149. New York Giants
150. Chicago Bears
151. Detroit Lions
152. New Orleans Saints
153. Philadelphia Eagles
154. Oakland Raiders
155. Indianapolis Colts
156. Buffalo Bills
157. Denver Broncos (from New York Jets)
158. Washington Redskins
159. Houston Texans
160. Minnesota Vikings
161. Cincinnati Bengals
162. Kansas City Chiefs (from Seattle Seahawks)
163. Green Bay Packers
164. Philadelphia Eagles (from Pittsburgh Steelers)
165. Kansas City Chiefs
166. Houston Texans (from New England Patriots)
167. Arizona Cardinals
168. Carolina Panthers
169. Detroit Lions (from Denver Broncos)
170. Arizona Cardinals (Compensatory Selection)
171. Seattle Seahawks (Compensatory Selection)
172. Cleveland Browns (Compensatory Selection)
173. Cleveland Browns (Compensatory Selection)
174. San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
175. San Diego Chargers (Compensatory Selection)

Round 6

176. Cleveland Browns
177. Los Angeles Rams (from Tennessee Titans)
178. San Francisco 49ers (from Dallas Cowboys)
179. San Diego Chargers
180. Minnesota Vikings (from San Francisco 49ers)
181. Jacksonville Jaguars
182. Baltimore Ravens
183. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
184. New York Giants
185. Chicago Bears
186. Miami Dolphins
187. Washington Redskins (from New Orleans Saints)
188. Philadelphia Eagles
189. Dallas Cowboys (from Oakland Raiders)
190. Los Angeles Rams
191. Detroit Lions
192. Buffalo Bills
193. Tennessee Titans (from Atlanta Falcons)
194. Oakland Raiders (from Indianapolis Colts)
195. Houston Texans (from New York Jets)
196. New England Patriots (from Houston Texans)
197. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (from Washington Redskins)
198. San Diego Chargers (from Minnesota Vikings)
199. Cincinnati Bengals
200. Green Bay Packers
201. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Pittsburgh Steelers)
202. Detroit Lions (from Seattle Seahawks)
203. Kansas City Chiefs
204. New England Patriots (reacquired from Chicago Bears)
205. Arizona Cardinals
206. Chicago Bears (from Carolina Panthers)
207. San Francisco 49ers (from Denver Broncos)
208. New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)
209. Baltimore Ravens (Compensatory Selection)
210. Detroit Lions (Compensatory Selection)
211. San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
212. Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
213. San Francisco 49ers (Compensatory Selection)
214. New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)
215. Seattle Seahawks (Compensatory Selection)
216. Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
217. Dallas Cowboys (Compensatory Selection)
218. Buffalo Bills (Compensatory Selection)
219. Denver Broncos (Compensatory Selection)
220. Pittsburgh Steelers (Compensatory Selection)
221. New England Patriots (Compensatory Selection)

Round 7

222. Tennessee Titans
223. Cleveland Browns
224. San Diego Chargers
225. Seattle Seahawks (from Dallas Cowboys)
226. Jacksonville Jaguars
227. Miami Dolphins (from Baltimore Ravens)
228. Denver Broncos (from San Francisco 49ers)
229. Pittsburgh Steelers (from New York Giants)
230. Chicago Bears
231. Miami Dolphins
232. Washington Redskins (from Tampa Bay Buccaneers)
233. Philadelphia Eagles
234. Oakland Raiders
235. New York Jets (from Los Angeles Rams through Houston Texans and Denver Broncos)
236. Detroit Lions
237. New Orleans Saints
238. Atlanta Falcons
239. Indianapolis Colts
240. Minnesota Vikings (from Buffalo Bills)
241. New York Jets
242. Washington Redskins
243. New England Patriots (from Houston Texans)
244. Minnesota Vikings
245. Cincinnati Bengals
246. Pittsburgh Steelers
247. Seattle Seahawks
248. Green Bay Packers
249. Kansas City Chiefs
250. New England Patriots
251.  Philadelphia Eagles (from Arizona Cardinals)
252. Carolina Panthers
253. Denver Broncos

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