Meet Ashlyn Shebelut – DeForest Buckner’s Girlfriend

DeForest Buckner Girlfriend Ashlyn Shebelut has the Chargers drafting DeForest Buckner at No. 3 in tonight’s NFL Draft. The bad news: Buckner wasn’t invited to Chicago for the Draft, which means his girlfriend, Ashlyn Shebelut – an Oregon cheerleader – won’t be seen in the green room.

You guys know the drill – there’s going to be a lucky girlfriend who’ll be a breakout star by appearing on NFL Network or ESPN cameras while her boyfriend waits for that call and a hug with Rog. It’s a shame that Buckner won’t be in the Windy City because this Draft is desperately in need of girlfriend talent. Yes, Carson Wentz’s girlfriend can shoot a shotgun. Other than that it’s slim pickins’.

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It’s amazing how little people around the league know about this pick. We polled our league contacts, and about a third think it’ll be Jalen Ramsey; a third believes Laremy Tunsil will be the pick; and a final third gave DeForest Buckner the nod.

This Buckner oversight by the NFL is a tragic mistake. The show producers have to realize the internet needs star power to drive the online side of the machine. We need that Oregon cheerleader in the green room.

[DeForest Buckner – IG   |  Ashlyn Shebelut – IG]

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