Meet Carson Wentz’s Girlfriend Melissa Uhrich

Fans of quarterback-starved franchises probably have their eyes on Jared Goff and Paxton Lynch in this year’s draft, but there’s another name floating out there creating buzz: North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz. That’s right, apparently draft evaluators couldn’t care less about the guy coming out of the FCS.
From Senior Bowl executive director Phil Savage (via InForum):

“As the fall progressed, then it became, ‘Well, no, he’s more of a first-rounder.’ And within the last two weeks, I had two phone calls from (NFL) friends of mine saying that Wentz isn’t just a first-rounder, he’s going in the top 10. So, there’s a real buzz about him.”

It sure sounds like solid first-round money is in this kid’s future barring some catastrophic workouts. But to the jersey chasers in Cleveland, Dallas, and Miami, we have some bad news: Carson’s already taken by Concordia College cross-country runner Melissa Uhrich.

Some deets on Melissa:

[IG- Carson Wentz]

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