ABC-LA Sports Anchor Curt Sandoval Thinks The Ducks Are Playing Vancouver

ABC-7 Los Angeles sports anchor Curt Sandoval is on top of things in the NHL. Don’t take my word for it. Watch the video below where Curt shows off his NHL knowledge last night during the ‘Eyewitness News’ where he tells viewers everything they need to know about the Anaheim-Vancouver series.
Quick hitters from Curt’s bio: Been with ABC-7 since 1999. Has a few white hairs, which in the TV business, means he has experience and you can trust him to be fair and balanced. The guy also competes in triathlons. Again, trust this man with your news.
It’s live TV. I get it, Curt. It happens.

Not even a laugh at me tweet over onĀ @abc7curt. What a perfect time to say nobody is perfect. Come on Curt, have a laugh. Of course the blonde desk jockey just goes with whatever Curt has to say. She couldn’t care less about the NHL Playoffs.
The Predators play at Anaheim tonight at 10 EST on NBCSN.

ABC-7 L.A. is on top of things:

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