Joey Bosa In A Hot Tub, Britt On Bumble & Favre At Volleyball Tourney

One more weekend to not get arrested, make a dumb tweet, upload a draft-killing Snap
It’s bound to happen. There’s going to be a potential NFL Draft pick who’s going to do something stupid this weekend and lose a fortune in the NFL. Someone’s going to smoke weed on Snap. Someone’s going to tweet something dumb, then claim he was hacked. All you have to do is go one more weekend, get through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and life will be pretty decent until you retire after 4-5 years because you fear concussions leaving you an invalid by 40. Jared Goff can go house shopping in L.A. Carson Wentz can jump on a plane and get out of North Dakota for Philly. That should be some culture shock. Rest up boys, the Draft is coming.
Numbers from @RJinVegas:

Cleveland with better chance to make the Finals (-270) than the Golden State (-250)

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