Kacie McDonnell Takes on the Richard Petty Driving Experience

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The Richard Petty Driving Experience, where NASCAR junkies can live out their fantasies behind the wheel of a racecar, is coming to Kansas Speedway — so what better way to promote it than sending out local celebrities Kacie McDonnell, Rex Hudler, and Clint Bowen?

.@41ActionNews' @KacieMcDonnell is looking to set a track record with #DrivePetty today. pic.twitter.com/Ny3FlcgjgY

— Kansas Speedway (@kansasspeedway) April 21, 2016

Wild experience out at @kansasspeedway today! #DrivePetty pic.twitter.com/vdl2xXRB8R

— Kacie McDonnell (@KacieMcDonnell) April 21, 2016

Of course, before everyone hit the track, they had to take in some instructional videos:

Here we go! @CoachClintBowen is preparing to take part in the @DrivePetty event today at @kansasspeedway! pic.twitter.com/01WYOj4QmP

— Kansas Football (@KU_Football) April 21, 2016

Kacie going full-Danica Patrick:

Apparently Kacie and Clint went up to 132 mph:

Clocking in at 132, @CoachClintBowen finished in a tie with @41ActionNews' @KacieMcDonnell! #RockChalk pic.twitter.com/VvDWtMwkte

— Kansas Football (@KU_Football) April 21, 2016

And Rex showed off his World Series ring (of course):

Rex Hudler enjoyed the @DrivePetty experience! His fastest speed was only bested by former Chief Ryan Lilja! pic.twitter.com/34OZ2eXXrz

— Kansas Speedway (@kansasspeedway) April 21, 2016