Rickie Fowler Shotguns Two Beers On Stage At A Country Concert

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How awesome would it be to be a young, single, really good golfer? You get to play a sport that people play as a hobby, make loads and loads of cash, and get to party with country stars on your time off.

Rickie Fowler went to a Dierks Bentley concert last night and shotgunned two beers to the face on stage.

Got to watch @RickieFowler shotgun a beer with @DierksBentley last night. Pretty awesome. pic.twitter.com/XT1J0jTGBD

— Kyle Smith (@GoldenEagleJav) April 16, 2016

@bustedcoverage Rickie Fowler shotgunning beers at Dierks Bentley concert. pic.twitter.com/l2ODO2Ftiu

— Cameron (@DunlavyC) April 16, 2016

One day you’re playing golf at the most sacred, buttoned up golf course in the world and a week later you’re acting like Stone Cold up on the corner of the ring. What a life.

Oh… And here's video of @RickieFowler shotgunning a beer with @DierksBentley on the #TortugaFest stage! pic.twitter.com/b7SYLvrD4d

— Cassie Stein (@CassieStein25) April 16, 2016