Jordan Spieth To CBS Cameraman: “Just Not In The Face”


Jordan Spieth CBS Camera Face

What a day for Jordan Spieth at the Masters. I turned on the coverage as he was shredding No. 9 for a birdie and heading for No. 10 where the fans were going nuts figuring this guy was on his way to a back-to-back at Augusta. I was creating a tweet where I typed that golf will be in good hands as long as Spieth doesn’t marry¬†Henrik Stenson’s nanny, get caught banging porn stars and have his SUV destroyed on Thanksgiving Eve.

Before I could hit send on that tweet, Spieth hit his iron off No. 12 into the water. I remember getting up to catch video of his caddie saying something like, “just hit it” or something along those lines. It sounded like they were beefing. And then he hit the penalty shot into the water.

You know the rest of the story.

The hole that sank Jordan Spieth at the Masters:

Jordan Spieth No. 12 Masters

Jordan Spieth Shot Chart No. 12

And then after it was all over, CBS got in his face.

CBS trying to catch a tear

— Busted Coverage (@bustedcoverage) April 10, 2016

CBS finished off the night with Bill Macatee landing an awkward interview with the shaken star

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