Retiree Wayne Gretzky Takes His Grandson On A Grocery Run

There were a few things that popped into my head when Janet Gretzky posted these IGs of Wayne taking grandson Tatum Gretzky Johnson to the grocery this morning.

  1. I had no idea Wayne stepped foot into a grocery. Figured the old jersey chasers wouldn’t leave him alone. I’m fascinated by this kind of stuff. The more mundane, the more interested I am in seeing these things. Remember when Jose Canseco was mowing his yard at night because it’s hot in Vegas? Now that fascinated me. I’d love to see video of Wayne Gretzky taking out the trash. I’m talking so ordinary that it’s fascinating.
  2. It appears Janet Gretzky has a Snap account. Again, I’m fascinated by that because Janet has to be one of the most interesting 55 year olds out there living the good life. I just told James the Assistant that my goal today is to find Janet’s Snap account. I need to see more things like Wayne and Tatum cruising the fruit aisle.
  3. This doesn’t look like a Whole Foods. Figured the Gretzkys ate clean.

Side note: Tatum has no idea how lucky he has it. Of course gramps is insanely loaded. So is dad Dustin Johnson. His college is paid for. He’ll probably grow up to shoot 64 at Augusta or score 60 goals for the Kings. He gets to ride around in cool cars with grandma and grandpa. They rarely work. They have an incredible pool. One day he’s going to think life is hard.
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