A Broken Escalator At The Wells Fargo Center Caused A Massive Flyers Fan Pile Up

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 2.03.15 PM

An escalator decided to go psycho last night by trying to turn itself into a turbo charged killing machine at the Wells Fargo Center. As people were making their way down, it turned on the after burners and sent people flying over the railings.

It’s a pretty crazy video.

This obviously isn’t anything to joke about and it’s a scary scene, but according to Broad Street Hockey, nobody was seriously injured.

Also, a spokesman from Comcast Spectator said they’re working on figuring out what happened.

“We immediately closed it down to protect our patrons and notified the operator. We are working with the operator on investigating this incident. We did not use that particular escalator during tonight’s Sixers game. We expect it to be working in time for Tuesday’s Sixers game, which is our next event.”

Maybe just take the stairs from now on.