LA Rams Charging Fans to Attend Final Cheerleader Auditions


When the Rams bolted St. Louis for sunny Los Angeles, that meant an entirely new cheerleading squad would have to be built from the ground up.

Team auditions began back on April 2, and you better believe determined La-La Land dancers showed up in droves for an opportunity to grab one of 40 spots on LA’s newest and hottest team. But auditions aren’t through just yet, and fans can actually come out and support the ladies for the final round of competition.

The one problem: you actually have to pony up to watch the girls do a Q&A, swimsuit competition and dance.


You have to love the shameless cash grab by the Rams here. No one in the BC office has ever heard of a team opening up tryouts to fans, let alone charging admission.

And in case you’re curious about what the salary of future Rams cheerleaders, they’re apparently set to make minimum wage ($10):

You will receive minimum wage as a Los Angeles Rams Cheerleader and will be compensated for all hours worked including but not limited to home games, practices, and appearances.

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