RG3 Gets To Work Early On Monday Morning, Wants Those Diamonds


RG3 Browns Locker Room First One To Work

Say what you want about RG3, but you can’t say the guy isn’t one of the first guys into the building because Terrelle Pryor Snapped RG3 at his locker at the Browns training facility and RG3 was the first one there. Now, TP2 mentions that he and RG3 were the first ones into the building this morning. Maybe they did the carpool thing to save on gas.

All I know is that RG3 was in that locker room looking like he was doing work. We also get to see RG3 trying to dance at an indoor soccer facility.

You might remember last week when RG3 went mic drop with a “no pressure, no diamonds” line that left the Cleveland fans intrigued. Now they get to see that he’s actually early to work on a Monday morning. This Cleveland thing might work out after all for Rob.

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