Watch: Fan Brawl Erupts at Senior Men’s Hockey Game

Screen shot 2016-03-31 at 7.28.04 PM

With football in offseason mode, we don’t get too many fan fights to post these days, but thanks to a bunch of idiots who attended a senior hockey league game (player ages range from 18-45) in Saskatchewan, you can get your fix.

After Game 5 of the SASK West Hockey League Final between the Biggar Nationals and Wilkie Outlaws, fans of both squads apparently decided to throw down over which team was better. Again, this went down after the game, so players on the ice got to watch it all unfold.

A fan gave CBC News his account of how things got out of hand:

“Someone pushed someone, and the next thing … a brawl broke out,” Wourms said.

“There’s never a reason for that stuff to happen but it did escalate quickly that’s for sure.”

After making sure his friends and girlfriend were safely out of the way, Wourms began to record the skirmish in the stands.

“It was pretty much over nothing. The game wasn’t very dirty,” said Wourms.

The report adds that no charges have been filed and no injuries were suffered.