It Looks Like A-Rod And Barry Bonds Are The Best Of Friends

Oh, the things that steroids does to bring people together. Two of the most hated men in baseball coming together in the name of friendship. It looks like these guys have become best buds now.

Here’s what the caption says on Bonds’ Instagram:

The Great thing about friendship is others opinions do not matter. Love you buddy and it was so great to spend time with you and your family. Give your daughters a big hug again from me. @arod #friendship #family

Barry talking about A-Rod’s daughters and how friendship trumps everyone’s opinions about them. You gotta love it.
We’ve seen these two together before. A couple of years ago Bonds gave Alex some hitting lessons before the 2014 season.

Now that Bonds is the Marlins hitting coach it’s good to have the best baseball villains back in the game together.

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