JJ Watt & Teammates Are Bonding At His Wisconsin Cabin

JJ Watt is at it again with that wilderness cabin the NFL media fell in love with a year ago when the NFL media swore it was some remote wilderness cabin where JJ would wrestle bears and eat walleye for breakfast, lunch & dinner.
And then old Busted Coverage went and looked up tax records to see where this JJ Watt cabin was actually located. The NFL Media – like all 1,200 of them – didn’t bother to look into tax records. Some loser in Ohio who hasn’t showered in days gave 110% and figured out that JJ’s cabin was actually just 2.5 miles from Starbucks.
Now JJ’s at it again, holding a Texans bonding bootcamp this week at the cabin with more than 20 teammates who happen to be in town for his birthday, which is today. Of course the NFL Media is eating up this news. They love a great JJ story.

Photos of the bonding:

ATV time!

Looks like JJ has a dozer he pulls around the property.

The keg tap!


A fire with the boys to close the day of bonding!


This was from March 4 when CBS Sports kept the narrative going that JJ lives “in the middle of nowhere.”

JJ Watt lives a couple miles from a pet resort.

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