Vince Wilfork Fishin’ and Smokin’ … Just Living A Happy Life This Offseason



I know I’m supposed to hate Vince Wilfork because he plays (played — they might cut him) for the Patriots and Twitter tells me I’m not allowed to root for anyone from the team. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. I’m a huge Vince Wilfork fan, especially when his wife posts photos of the two of them catching sheepshead in Florida… over some railing. Oh, and Vince is working on a Black & Mild.

Vince is now 33. He has two Super Bowl titles in his pocket. He’s going to smoke a Black here and there while enjoying the finer things in life like rail fishing with his wife, Bianca (Instagram). I mean, now I want to go fishing with Vince. I just want to shoot the shit about things like what it feels like to watch Russell Wilson throw a game-ending interception on the one-yard line. I want to hear about the best meal he ever ate. I want to hear fishing stories. I want to hear “U” stories.

I picture Vince laughing all day. Smoke puffing into the breeze. Big belly laugh. Fish on. U story. Something about Tom Brady. Fish story. All day.

Grantland wrote in January about how life has been for Vince. It hasn’t always been so great.

Wilfork’s story is well known. During his sophomore year at Miami, he lost both of his parents. His father died of kidney failure at 48, and his mother passed six months later, after complications from a stroke. It was a lot of life in not a lot of time, and in some ways, it quickly aged him beyond his 20 years.

While Tom Brady has gone off to live his life as the King of the NFL and Gronk parties in Vegas, there’s simple Vince just going about his business seeming to live well beyond 33. Kids to raise. A foundation to support. A husband.

Simple question: How can you possibly not like this guy?




Me and my new famous friends from Denmark lol he said he saw himself on TV and it’s crazy lol

— Vince Wilfork (@wilfork75) February 10, 2015


Happy anniversary my love, my teammate, my wife, MRS 75. I love u with all my heart. Our 11th yr anniversary @mrs75👣👣 — Vince Wilfork (@wilfork75) March 3, 2015