High School Basketball Team Wins At The Buzzer After Holding The Ball For The Whole OVertime

March is in full swing so that means that exciting basketball is being played every single day. There’s been buzzer beater after buzzer beater after buzzer beater so far in the conference tournaments and it’ll continue today and tomorrow.
It’s not just at the college level though. High school state tournaments are going on too, and this team won at the buzzer after playing keep away for 5 straight minutes in overtime.
From the Des Moines Register:

Turner Scott was always taking the buzzer-beating shot.
Valley’s star senior guard already had attempts at the end of regulation and the first overtime of Friday’s Class 4A semifinal against top-ranked Pleasant Valley.
But when he got the ball to start the second overtime, Valley held it.
And held it.
And held it.
With time dripping off the Wells Fargo Arena clocks, the Tigers played keep-away until Scott could bank in the game-winning jumper as the horn sounded.
And Valley then held a title-game berth after a tense 50-48 triumph over the Spartans.

Some might say that this is a pussy way to play the game and that this is why they need a shot clock. I’m not sure, though. I think I kind of like the strategy and I think not having a shot clock makes high school unique. I’m assuming they thought they had no chance to stop the other team from scoring, so you might as well just hold the ball yourself until it’s time to go win it. I can respect that.

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