Watermelon Crusher, Cam Newton’s New Hat & Grayson Allen Crying

daily dump


5000 college basketball games, probably some NASCAR practice, some NBA, hockey, of course there’s golf and a bunch of Spring Training baseball you don’t care about. That’s it. It’s a great day to go to the bar. In fact, I might go work at a bar today. Do a little blogging, more drinking.

Chick crushes watermelon between her legs…you guys always click on this stuff

Cam Newton wore this to the Lakers game

Iowa State-Oklahoma gambling bad beat/or incredible cover

Matt Cain is dumping his 11,000 sq ft Arizona house 

Flyers fan has this custom emoji jersey

Grayson Allen crying

The infamous Panama City Beach Holiday Inn pool cam…is depressing this year

Meet Katie from Mizzou

Slayin It On Spring Break Video of the Day

Sandwich of the Day