Charlotte McKinney Rips Off Her Shirt, Sharapova PED Beach & Manziel Clubs

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Games for days. There are literally 5000 college games today. I counted. You’ll have a triple-header tipping at noon and you’ll still be going strong at 10:30 when the Cavs play the Lakers on TNT. And the party won’t stop there. You’ll get a scheduled 11:30 tip in the Mountain West, but let’s be honest here, you know that’ll be midnight EST. You’ll be a mess, just covered in betting slips by 2 a.m. Stay strong.

Maria Sharapova’s PED body looks fit at the beach

Charlotte McKinney ripping off a shirt thing for Guess

Looks like Manziel took his sister to some L.A. club last night

Proof: The SEC basketball tourney is sooooo exciting

Norwegian soccer bros try to make a goal from top of 74M building

Zeke Elliott’s new tat

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Meet Jessica from ASU

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