Tommy Lasorda Destroying Some Chinese Food

Screen shot 2016-03-11 at 10.08.13 AM

It’s been a solid minute since we’ve gotten to do a Tommy Lasorda post centered on his eating prowess. The last one was back in May, when the office was mesmerized by a video of Tommy going to town on a meatball waffle cone:

We’ve been covering Tommy long enough to have a list of foods the guy has destroyed: Buffalo Wild Wings, pasta, ice cream, mozzarella sticks, etc. — you name it, we’ve seen the 88-year-old own it.

And today, we get to add another one: Chinese food via Paul’s Kitchen in downtown Los Angeles:

As per usual, Tommy’s a total pro and protects his clothing with a fine bib.

According to an LA Times story from 2013, Tommy discovered the restaurant back in the 1970s and even has his own special:

His special is still printed at the top of the menu — a dizzying panoply of wonton soup, egg rolls, chasu, spare ribs, asparagus with beef, kung pao chicken and house special fried rice, served to a minimum of two people.

The place is apparently loaded with Dodgers gear, which you can see in this photo Tommy took with a patron: