I Can’t Stop Watching Tommy Lasorda Eat A Meatball Waffle Cone


Time Warner Sportsnet L.A. — or whatever they call it — had this gem buried on some Dodgers site, obviously not understanding how valuable it is to have video of Tommy Lasorda eating anything, especially a meatball waffle cone. This is like underground Nirvana videos in 1991. It’s my heroin.

The guy is 87 and doesn’t bother with the whole Weight Watchers thing like the old days. Those of you who’ve been around for the last couple years know that we’ve documented Tommy eating a variety of foods that will clog arteries. But, the guy’s still kicking and living a great life.

People bring him trays of food. He goes to Buffalo Wild Wings to talk to the waitresses. He still gets lap dances. God, please let me stick around long enough to have this life.

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