Watch: Johnny Manziel’s Browns Tribute Video

Screen shot 2016-03-11 at 5.37.14 PM

When word leaked that the Browns finally cut Johnny Manziel Friday morning, the BC office was expecting two things: jersey burnings and a tribute video. And it didn’t take long at all for the former to get rolling, as Browns fans eagerly tweeted us videos of themselves burning jerseys they spent hundreds of dollars on.

All of that hope from two years ago going up in flames. Emotional stuff.

But with the anger now out of the system of Browns fans, we can now move on to the second phase of the post-Manziel era: the tribute video.

You guys remember Brandon Weeden’s hysterical montage set to Sarah McLachlan? Yeah, this one isn’t as depressing. You get some hilarious Browns fan reactions, good Johnny highlights, bad Johnny and a whole lot of partying.