Browns Fan Burns His Daughter’s Pink Manziel Jersey & His $350 Jersey


BC reader Glen did it. He burned his daughter’s pink Manziel jersey…and his authentic $350 Manziel jersey after news dropped that Johnny had been released by the Browns.

The era is over. It was supposed to be the era where the Heisman winner came to rescue the downtrodden Mistake by the Lake. He was going to wreck the league. Jimmy Haslam couldn’t contain his giddiness. Browns fans went nuts buying the No. 2 jerseys. In July 2014, Manziel led the NFL in jersey sales. By December 2014, he still led the Browns in jersey sales as fans went nuts at Christmas getting the cherished No. 2.

And now they’re being burned in a BBQ grill. It’s time to turn to a new savior. The Manziel era will leave a lasting mark on these already humiliated fans.

@bustedcoverage here ya go!

— Glen Fannin (@monkey2Ybanana) March 11, 2016

@bustedcoverage 3 part series with some heart felt moments

— Glen Fannin (@monkey2Ybanana) March 11, 2016


— Glen Fannin (@monkey2Ybanana) March 11, 2016

Bonus video from another Browns fan: