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Why I don’t have a problem with NFL players getting paid what looks like big money

Because there’s a good chance their lives will be short, they’ll end up running into walls, not able to recognize their families and left with bodies that can’t walk up stairs. Take OL Mitchell Schwartz for example. The guy has had to suffer through a career with the Browns and finally gets the chance to make a few bucks. Then the Chiefs come calling with a $33 million, $15M guaranteed, $7M signing bonus and salaries of $750K, $4.9M, $5.7M, $6M, $6M. Look at what the Yankees are paying middle relievers. You think a middle reliever will be able to get up the stairs at 45? He’ll be playing 20 rounds of golf each week and burning $100 bills to light course cigars. Good for the NFL guys. Make as much money as you possibly can.

Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

In 2016 BROCK Osweiler will make $21,000,000.()On an after tax basis he will make > Philip Rivers $22,000,000 ()