Darren Sharper Had 24-Hour Xbox Access in Prison?

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The Shreveport Times reported today that disgraced (former) NFL safety Darren Sharper agreed to a new plea deal that would place him behind bars for more than nine years. Sharper, of course, has been in the news for drugging and raping women in multiple states.

However, a report from The New Orleans Advocate reveals Sharper and inmate, Josh Hanson, may have received special prison treatment in the form of access to an Xbox whenever they pleased:

For a time, Hanson was in a tier with former Saints player and sex offender Darren Sharper, where sources familiar with the jail say the two had access to an Xbox gaming system 24 hours a day. Hanson has since been moved into another tier. Though the tier was built to hold 10 prisoners, he is the sole occupant.

Strain has refused to answer questions about whether Hanson or Sharper has received favorable treatment or about specific jail policies. Instead, he issued a statement saying that the jail has been recognized at the state and federal levels for outstanding operations and practices and is a model in the field of corrections.

Hanson is currently serving a seven-year sentence for juvenile molestation and apparently has a family member that works in the St. Tammany Parish Jail. That setup has drawn the ire of one of his victims who believes he’s not getting the punishment he deserves.

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