Dolphins Cheerleaders Holding International Auditions in Brazil

Dolphins Cheer

With the NFL in offseason mode, you’d expect that most cheerleaders are back to working their normal jobs, but that’s not the case with the ladies of the Miami Dolphins.

Some Dolphins cheerleaders are actually in Brazil right now to scout potential talent for the 2016 season — details from

Miami, Florida -Miami Dolphins will hold auditions for cheerleaders in Bogotá, Colombia; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and also in South Florida, USA. The team will go to Latin America in search of woman of talent, enthusiasm, and charisma to represent one of the most prestigious teams in the NFL.

You have to respect Dolphins cheer for going above and beyond to field the best possible team. I didn’t even know this was a thing, but here they are changing the game overseas.

Of course, they’ve been documenting their time in Latin America through social media, so check it out in the gallery below.

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