Cops: Florida State Fan Wanted For Showing His Dong To Alabama Women


I’m shocked someone in Alabama didn’t send this one to me last week when news broke in that state that police were hunting for a suspect in a flashing case where a male flopped his dong out for a couple women to see. The suspect happens to be a Florida State fan.

BAM…that’s a post. Doesn’t get much more cut and dry than that.

Here are the details from WAFF:

Huntsville police are investigating two cases of a man exposing himself to women in the area of Whispering Pines Apartments on Old Madison Pike.

Police say the suspect was seen getting into a small, gray, four-door car at a nearby convenience store.

In photos, the suspect appears to be wearing a black Nike hoodie-style sweatshirt with gray pants and a maroon and gold cap.

Let’s cut to the chase here – that’s clearly a Florida State hat. Huntsville cops are looking for a Seminoles fan. That needs to be on the news. Think of how few Florida State fans are rolling around Huntsville, Alabama. That limits the suspect pool.

Florida-State-Suspect-Wanted-3 Florida-State-Suspect-Wanted-2