Bama Fan Robs Georgia Bank, Threatens To Shoot Teller

Bama Bank Robber Publix Atlanta

Georgia police are hunting for a Bama fan in the robbery of a SunTrust Bank inside a suburban Atlanta Publix where the Bama fan indicated he’s blast a cap in the teller if money wasn’t handed over. ROLL DAMN TIDE!

From the AJC:

“The offender presented a grey Bank of America bank bag and a pre-written note requesting money or the teller would be shot,” Detective Charles Hamrick said in an emailed statement. “When the teller hesitated, the male gestured to his waist with his right hand, indicating that he had a firearm.”

The same Bama fan is a suspect in another SunTrust Bank robbery in suburban Atlanta. It was the same scenario in that robbery, minus the Bama hat. A man walked up to a teller at a bank inside a Publix store and wanted the money.

It’s possible we have a Bama serial bank robber on the loose. Keep your head on a swivel. Turn him in and collect money for Dawgs season tickets.