Gronk’s Cruise Candy, Jess Clausen In The Pool & Andy Dalton Does Dishes

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The App Store redirects driving you nuts? Me too, going on three years now

Wednesday was yet another day around here that I was beaten over the head with App Store redirect messages from you guys. I hear you guys loud and clear. And I’ve – again – passed those concerns to my bosses in Midtown Manhattan who control the ads in New York. They own the site and control the ad stack, which is the ad networks that feed the ads. This is the same way I’ve handled this for nearly three years. I’m now on my third assistant since selling BC to Coed back in 2011. Each assistant tends to last about a year or so. That’s how I know how long I’ve been sending mobile ad complaint emails to my bosses. That’s all I can do in this situation. Just keep letting those in charge of the ads know that you guys are mad.

Numbers fromĀ @ESPNStatsInfo:

Most road wins vs Top-5 teams, all-time Mike Krzyzewski: 15 Dean Smith: 14 Gary Williams: 8

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