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Chunky models in the SI swimsuit issue

I get why SI put Ashley Graham, who doesn’t look like the rest of the SI swimsuit models, in this year’s issue. I also get why SI put a 56 year old in the magazine. You have to mix it up to grab headlines. You have to mix it up to sell magazines to a new interested community. You have to make it seem like you’re with the times and that means being politically correct. Full inclusion is the hip way of doing things these days, right? Gotta cover all the bases so you don’t leave out a group.  My problem is that Ashley Graham doesn’t want to be known as the plus-size model in the swimsuit issue. Have you looked the bio on her own website? It mentions that she’s was the “first plus size model to appear in an ad inSports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition.” Can’t have it both ways, Ash.

Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

$35,650,000 = Average compensation for Commissioner Roger Goodell over the last 4 years.

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