Sixers Dancers: Hottest Photos of the Cheerleading Squad

Sixers Dancers cheerleaders photos

Once again, the Philadelphia 76ers are on track to have the worst record in the NBA. Poor Brett Brown has been with this team for three years now and has compiled a record of 45-172, but don’t worry, if they get Ben Simmons it will all be worth it!

Joel Embiid will suddenly return to the court next season, Jahlil Okafor will stop beating up people (and maybe play some defense), and Nik Stauskas will rediscover his shooting stroke — the possibilities are endless! (Or, you know, they get screwed in the lottery and remain crappy for another year.)

But until then, the Sixers Dancers will be carrying the workload at those god-awful games. I mean, this might be the one team on Earth where the chicks aren’t hoping to hook up with any of the players — that’s how bad they are. There’s just nothing to cheer for when some guy named Ish Smith is being hailed as the Savior.

Send your prayers up to these 16 lovely ladies who are forced to smile through bad basketball and check out the hottest photos of the Sixers Dancers in the gallery below.

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