Panthers Fan Takes Shot at Bay Area Meteorologist’s Super Bowl Prediction

Screen shot 2016-02-07 at 11.03.47 AM

With Super Bowl 50 just hours away, things are starting to get a little testy between Panthers and Broncos fans.

One exchange happened to be caught on live television Saturday, when Panthers fan Matt Clark fired away at KTVU Bay Area meterologist Rosemary Orozco — a Broncos supporter.

Well both @KTVU #beauties can't be right! @ROrozcoKTVU may owe @ClaudineKTVU coffee on Monday😉 #SB50 #SuperBowl

— nicksmithnewsâ„¢ (@nicksmithnews) February 6, 2016

As you can see below, Matt held nothing back as he told reporter Christien Kafton that his prediction will be more accurate than Rosemary’s weather, before dishing out some specific game stats:

Savvy stuff by Christien to point out Rosemary’s fandom — he got the exact response he was looking for.