Don’t Tell This Broncos Fan’s Wife He Spent Over $20,000 On Super Bowl Tickets

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I get that going to the Super Bowl is expensive, but spending 20 grand on it is taking it WAY too far. If you spend that much money on anything it better be a guarantee. Would you want to spend that on a car when it has a 50% chance of not working? That’s basically what this guy did, and he didn’t even tell his wife.

Dedication. #ICYMI this #SB50 @Broncos fan paid over $20,000 for tickets. His wife didn't know yet: @nbcbayarea

— Jeff Ranieri (@JeffRanieri) February 6, 2016

Granted, if the Broncos win, maybe it was worth it. But if they don’t that $20,000 down the drain plus the horrible memeory of watching your team lose the Super Bowl. Not worth the risk.