The 27 Hottest WAGs of the NHL All-Star Game

The National Hockey League decided to change their format for the annual All-Star Game this year. As part of the transformation into a more exciting format that will appeal to more fans from all across the country, they opened up the voting to any player in the league.
What were they thinking?
John Scott, NHL veteran and longtime enforcer, has played 8 seasons in the NHL for six teams. He has a reputation as a hardworking beast used mainly for his gigantic size and power. However, in 285 career games, he only has 5 goals, 6 assists, and 11 total points while averaging around six minutes on the ice per game.
He is not your ideal candidate for the All-Star Game yet the fans voted him in and the NHL has no choice but to suck it up and let the man participate in the event. He earned it. The fans pay to see these teams, not the other way around, so when they vote for a player to make the roster, they are going to stand behind that vote.
Danielle Scott, John’s wife, is pregnant and expecting twins and the main reason we have put this article together for you. She is one of the NHL’s hottest WAGs and is now part of the All-Star WAG category.
Here are the rest of the Hottest All-Star Game WAGs in 2016.

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