Guy Wins Super Bowl Tickets, Is Taking His Brother, Girlfriend Is Pissed

I was doing my normal Super Bowl Reddit searches this afternoon, because this is required of blogs this time of year to scoop up anything Super Bowl related and SEO the shit out of it. That’s when I came across a Super Bowl hit on r/relationships and it stopped me in my tracks.
Anyway, long story short, we have this pussy complaining about winning Super Bowl tickets and he decided to take his brother. Now his girlfriend is pissed because she wants to go. Just read this. This guy needs to nut up and tell her tough luck, babe.

Trying to pinpoint what’s wrong with society? This is a good place to start. The winning answer came from the brother. End of conversation.
Couples prize? GTFO. This is a red flag that this chick is going to eventually take have of everything he owns, including his retirement down the road. Of course he’s too much of a pussy to tell her how it’s going to be. Look, I’m taking my brother. I’m sure this is the kind of chick who takes 10 photos and 30 minutes of editing time before settling on the perfect IG upload for her 200 of her old high school friends.
Guys, stop being pussies. Treat yourself to a good time at the Super Bowl. Don’t feel ashamed.
Here’s a woman who gets it.

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Super Bowl 50 Craigslist Casual Encounters
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