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Trump vs. Fox

What a weird situation for Republicans, especially those who want to vote for Trump but would give a leg for the news channel. Look, what he’s doing here is what Trump does. It’s why he’s a genius. Go after Megyn Kelly acting like she’s been mean to him. Don’t go into a debate where he might take a few shots from Cruz. Donald will hold his own campaign event, which MSNBC & CNN will eat up and all eyes will be on him to see what else he will say. The morning shows will follow on Friday morning. He’ll be on at least 3-4. Then comes the weekend and the caucus on Monday. Say he wins Monday. Fox will have no choice but to have him on to talk about his victory. Then comes a runaway win in New Hampshire, then South Carolina, then the train just keeps rolling. You gotta give it to the guy, he’s a master manipulator with this stuff.

Numbers fromĀ @RJinVegas:

Line update – : We have a consensus. Pinnacle, Bookmaker.eu, Westgate LV, and CG Tech all dealing: -4.5 ov