LeBron On Cops, Saban’s Pope-ish Victory Parade & Bobby Sura Sighting


morning twitpics

Snow bros

It’s so good to see so many snow bros from West Virginia, to D.C., to Philly, to NYC have such a bro time in the snow. Bro Snap videos. Bro IG videos. Snow bros swimming in the snow. A bro chick in her swimming suit jumping off a starting block. Snow bros at WVU snow tubing at a frat bash. Snow bros in NYC snow bro-ing down Broadway. Snow bros, snow bros, snow bros. If only that blizzard would’ve hit on a Tuesday so everyone would’ve been bitching about how the big cities were paralyzed. Instead we got snow bros getting drunk and acting snow bro-ish last night on CNN in the West Village. Thanks for the content for days, snow bros.

Numbers fromĀ @ESPNStatsInfo:

Cavaliers Losses This Season – By Location

Home 3 — average margin: 19.7 points

Road 9 — average margin: 8.2 points

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