Panthers Shaq Thompson Has F-Bomb Message For Seahawks


Love every single second of this message from Panthers LB Shaq Thompson to the Seahawks. Here’s the kicker to this one: Shaq went to school at Washington. S-A-V-A-G-E.

In case you’re at work and the IT guys get mad when you play video:

“I got a message,” Thompson began the video, which has since been deleted but was captured elsewhere on the Internet. “(Blank) y’all. (Blank) the Seahawks. Keep pounding (blank).”

Did I tell you that I’m on the Panthers bandwagon. Sure, I might’ve thought that their season was a bust when Kelvin Benjamin went down in August. But I own the Cam Newton BCS game pants and I need Cam winning the MVP and a Super Bowl. The price of those pants will skyrocket. I need the Panthers cocky, confident and in that Super Bowl against Belichick. I need Cam to win against the greatest.

By the way, Shaq doesn’t hate everything about Seattle. He’s still a UW basketball fan.

Lets go @UW_MBB

— Shaq Thompson (@ShaqThompson_7) January 15, 2016

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