Buy Evan Longoria’s Gorgeous Mach 1 Mustang — $149,500


Evan Longoria has $105.5 million headed his way over the next seven seasons with the Tampa Bay Rays, but even with all that dough, he can’t have it all.

The Rays’ franchise player took to Twitter today to reveal that his beautiful Mach 1 Mustang is looking for its forever home:

She needs a new forever home. Check out the site if you're interested.

— Evan Longoria (@Evan3Longoria) January 21, 2016

Why on Earth would Evan be looking to sell? Who knows. Maybe he’s in the market for something more family friendly considering he has a wife and two kids. Either way, his loss can potentially be your gain.

The car features Italian leather racing seats, 700w amps and speakers, custom racing pedals, and so much more. If you are single and have like $150,000 to drop on a new car, this could be a good fit.

Some information on Evan’s ownership, and his thoughts on the car:

Major league slugger Evan Longoria has enjoyed owning this beautiful vehicle. Evan’s been a car lover since as long as he can remember and when he crossed paths with the Mustang, it was love at first sight.

“I’ve enjoyed this car, it’s a magic blend of art and pure muscle.”

Ugh, if only I won the goddamn Powerball BC could have collected another thank you note from the Longorias.

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