Ron Rivera Protects Cam Newton BCS Pants Investment, Bans Hoverboards


Longtime readers probably know that BC leader Joe invested money on Cam Newton’s BCS Auburn pants — $1,525 to be exact. Plus, whatever it took to get Evan Longoria’s wife, Jaime Edmondson, in them for a photoshoot:


With all this dough at stake, you can only imagine how often our office freaks when we come across video of Cam rolling around on one of those hoverboards. He rides them to 7-Eleven and even in traffic, so the worries are definitely justified considering what’s at stake this season: an MVP and Super Bowl.

Fortunately, Ron Rivera quelled some fears today by issuing a team ban after he saw players “drag racing:”

Ron Rivera bans hoverboards in the team facility after seeing players drag racing. "We're trying to limit exposure to injury."

— Eric Adelson (@eric_adelson) January 18, 2016

The explosion potential also has him a little uneasy:

Ron Rivera on banning hover boards: "did you see those things on YouTube blowing up and stuff?"

— Mike Persinger (@mikepersinger) January 18, 2016

Ron Rivera banned hoverboards because he saw them blowing up on YouTube. Plus he saw two guys dragracing in the hallway

— Jonathan Jones (@jjones9) January 18, 2016