Depressed St. Louis Rams Fan No Longer Needs Tailgate Bus — $6,000

If you are a St. Louis Rams fan who had a lot invested in the tailgating game, we feel for you. There has to be nothing worse than investing thousands of dollars on a team only to be left in the dust because the owner wants to move the team to Los Angeles. Just brutal.
Now there’s nothing left to do but try to make the best out of a crappy situation and sell the now-defunct junk on Craigslist. One fan listed his “No. 1 Rams Fans” bus two days ago, but he’s a little ambitious with a $6,000 price tag. (Wake up, bro — no one’s biting at that price point.)
Details from the seller:

The bus was used as a tailgate bus for tailgating at the Rams football games. It is a 58 passenger bus but has been reconfigured with 7 booths that seat 4 people each. It is a 1980 Ford that burns gasoline. The engine was replaced five years ago and has approximately 3000 miles on it since being rebuilt. The tires are good. It has a permanently attached outside awning, a air horn that can be rotated 360 degrees and blown simultaneously from inside the bus. It has a bathroom, and sink, built in shelves and drawers for storing tailgating supplies. It has a generator and the interior is wired for 120 VAC with AC and DC lights inside. It has a microwave. There is a roll out Bar-B-Q that rolls out the rear of the bus on a custom ramp that is stored under the bus. There are radio speakers located in the front and rear of the bus that can be hung on the outside of the bus when tailgating. It has PA system, 20 folding chairs and 2 folding tables.

We’d say a new LA Rams fan should get in on this, but let’s be real, people in LA aren’t going to bother. The more likely scenario is a Chiefs fan swooping up this bus for a clearance price and painting it.
18 years of fun down the drain:

Blue and gold interior:


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